FASD Informed

A Voice To Be Heard- A Bio Mom’s FASD Journey

September 1, 2020

Welcome to the 13th episode of "FASD Informed", sponsored and produced by the North Carolina nonprofit organization, NCFASD Informed. This episode is titled "A Voice To Be Heard- A Bio Mom's FASD Journey". Podcast host, Natalie Vecchione, interviews Melissa Moore. Melissa is a biological mom of a child with an FASD. Melissa is also a mama of four and raising her family with her number one supporter and love- her spouse. Melissa's passions are keeping active and being outdoors. Her other priorities include quality time with her family, family game night and family movie night. Melissa is a fierce advocate in the FASD and Mental Health communities. Melissa works as an Educational Assistant by day and active mom of 4 kids by night....and she loves helping others to understand their worth and importance in life.


This candid and important episode includes:

-  Melissa's journey and her pregnancy story.

-  When Melissa began to become aware of the symptoms that were a result of her drinking in  the first weeks her pregnancy (when she didn't realize she was actually pregnant).

-  The steps and action she took in supporting her child's needs, once she learned that her child had an FASD.

-  The stigma that she faced of a biological mom of a child with an FASD.

-  What made Melissa decide to be an advocate in the FASD community.

-  Her message to other biological moms who may suspect their child may have an FASD and to ALL parents of children / teens / adults with and FASD.



Melissa Moore on Instagram @ms.melissajan


Podcast Host

Natalie Vecchione



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