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Accommodations are AWESOME- An Interview with Wendy Brown - Episode 8

July 8, 2020

Welcome to the eighth episode of "FASD Informed", sponsored and produced by the North Carolina nonprofit organization, NCFASD Informed. This episode is titled "Accommodations are AWESOME". Podcast host, Natalie Vecchione, interviews Wendy Brown, who is a certified trainer of the FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model. FASCETS stands for "Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education and Training Services". Wendy enjoys helping caregivers and community partners to learn differently when working with those challenged by FASD or other neurobehavioral diagnoses. Wendy previously worked for Eastern Washington University through the Family Resource and Training Center as a mentor to foster families in Southwest Idaho. Wendy and her husband have parented over 80 children through foster care and adoption, most of whom have been neurodevelopmentally challenged.  Now settled in a small, east-coast town....Wendy and her family continue to enjoy homeschooling, their RV adventures and working in their family garden.

Topics discussed in this AWESOME episode include:

-  Wendy and her husband's story of becoming parents, becoming foster parents, and building their family through adoption.

-  Wendy's experiences learning about FASD, when she began her journey as a foster mom and her mission to become a foster mom educator, FASCETS Certified Trainer and FASD Advocate.

-  An Introduction to FASCETS.

-  What are accommodations and why are they SO important in parenting / caregiving or working with a child / teen / adult with an FASD (or other Neurobehavioral Diagnoses)?

-  Breaking down accommodations: how to start learning about accommodations and the purpose of making accommodations.

- How parents and caregivers may already be making accommodations....and not even realize it!

-  The importance of objectivity, compromise and letting go of the emotions involved in "expectations".

-  The importance of being intentional, listening to your child and meeting your child where they are in a developmental sense.

-  How accommodations can be FUN (and examples of fun accommodations)!

-  Taking the next steps in learning more about how to make accommodations and the Neurobehavioral Model in working with FASD and other brain based diagnoses.



Wendy Brown, FASCETS Trainer  fasdwow@gmail.com

FASCETS (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education and Training Services) https://fascets.org/

"Trying Differently Rather Than Harder" by Diane Malbin

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Podcast Host: Natalie Vecchione






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