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Sibling Relationships and FASD- An Interview with Michelle Catania - Episode 9

July 21, 2020

Welcome to the ninth episode of "FASD Informed", sponsored and produced by the North Carolina nonprofit organization, NCFASD Informed. This episode is titled "Sibling Relationships and FASD". Podcast host, Natalie Vecchione, interviews Michelle Catania, who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  Michelle and her husband live in Connecticut with their three children.  Her youngest son joined their family through domestic adoption and he has taught them so much about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Michelle was a preschool teacher for over 15 years and she now has a small private practice, that allows her to use both life experiences as well as education to support her family and other families in her community.


Topics covered in this episode include:


-  Michelle and her family's journey, learning about FASD and becoming informed about FASD and the Neurobehavioral Approach.


-  How the changes and challenges that accompany parenting a child with an FASD can teach valuable life lessons....even in the midst of chaos! Chaos is often part of the family enviornment....and that's OK!


-  The importance of giving siblings (of those with an FASD) an opportunity to "hear their hard", having time for them to "tap out" and "emptying their resentment bag".


- The importance and value of the Neurobehavioral Approach in Parenting a Child with an FASD or other Brain-Based Diagnosis.


-  Her lessons learned about her family's faith, sense of humor and remembering the "moments of aweseomeness".


-  Her advice and feedback for siblings of children with an FASD (and for parents, too!).




Michelle Catania, LMFT



FASCETS (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consultation, Education and Training Services)



"Trying Differently Rather Than Harder" by Diane Malbin


NCFASD Informed-



Podcast Host- Natalie Vecchione









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