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Two Moms Talking- An Interview with Aubrey Page, FASD / Foster Mom / Advocate- Episode 5

June 17, 2020

Welcome to the fifth episode of FASD Informed, sponsored and produced by the nonprofit NCFASD Informed! This episode is titled "Two Moms Talking". FASD Informed podcast host, Natalie Vecchione, interviews FASD Advocate and Foster Mom, Aubrey Page.  Aubrey has been a treatment-level foster parent for 3 years and noticed many of her kids had similar symptoms that were not exactly trauma. As one of her children got diagnosed with a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, her eyes were open to the prevalence of this disability. When she requested a trainer come to Cincinnati to spread the word, she found that the need for training and support was expansive. After months of training from world-leaders in the FASD community, she started training and advocating to anyone and everyone who would listen. To date, she has trained over 600 people about the most common form of developmental disabilities in America.

Topics covered in this episode include:

Why FASD training should be in all pre-placement foster family training classes?
-  "Behaviors are just symptoms that don’t have the proper accommodations."

-   Why schools / universities need to teach about FASD to social service / criminal justice majors (and other     professions)?
The shift in parenting when focusing on brain differences and brain-based approaches needs to go jointly with trauma based, parenting approaches.
-  Thinking about accommodating your lifestyle when parenting a child / teen / young adult with an FASD.
What led Aubrey and husband to begin homeschooling her kids.

Aubrey can be reached at: https://www.aubreypage.org/  as well as her Facebook Group  "At Wit's End with Aubrey Page". Look for Aubrey on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @aubreypagefasd. Aubrey can be also reached at info@aubreypage.org 


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